The Scholarships from Forever NLC are focused for children living in areas with high rates of violence, so that children who receive scholarships can study in privates schools, in a suitable environment for learning and the proper resources to be prepare for their future; this environment is very difficult to find in public schools today of El Salvador.

Through an in-person interview data and documents are gathered to select children who will be given scholarships, these are specifically children of single mothers or low-income families who otherwise could not send their children to private schools. Interviews are conducted by volunteers and is looking candidates through Facebook pages of former students of the Nuevo Liceo Centroamericano.

William D. Ramos Scholarship Program

William David Ramos(wilito), a young student of 16 years, the pride of his parents, an excellent boy, diligent student, his hobby like many of his age playing soccer, "Barcelona" club fan, he was killed in October 2015 in the streets of San Salvador, as he walked like every day to his school. In 2015 more than 50 students were killed as a product of the violence and crime in this small country, and we want to honor their memories delivering our scholarships in his name, believing that will save the lives of young people like them.

It is a pride and satisfaction for the founders, volunteers and supporters, the power to make a difference not only in education but also in the life of a child, due to the current situation of El Salvador children are targets of violence.

The private schools chosen to grant scholarships, are in the same area where the children live to facilitate transport to their families, and also interviews are conducted in the same schools.

And the acquisition of the scholarships is made directly from Forever NLC to the chosen private school, each scholarship is paid in full and in advance to acquire discounted prices and so families and only  responsibility is to ensure that their children attend school.  In addition there is constant communication for between NLC and schools in El Salvador to ensure that parents are doing their part.

In addition to tuition costs, students and their families receive uniforms, books and supplies to meet all requirements of private schools.

Once found suitable children for scholarships, are notified to families to prepare all documentation for transfer to the new school. Elejidos children are not necessarily those with the highest averages in their grades, often in El Salvador children get low averages due to bad environment of schools in which attendance. And they are awarded a scholarship certificate for a full school year.