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FOREVER NLC is a non profit organization, created by former students from the Nuevo Liceo Centroamericano in El Salvador, the NLC closed theirs door in 2004 for lack of resources, leaving low income families without a very good and low cost private school.

Our mission to raise awareness on the vulnerability of young people to be victims or victimizers in current violent situation that exists in El Salvador, especially young children of single mothers. 

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POR SIEMPRE NLC es una organizacion sin ánimo de lucro, creada por ex alumnos del Nuevo Liceo Centroamericano en El Salvador el cual cerro ya cerro sus puertas.

Nuestro principal objetivo es recaudar fondos para las actividades en El Salvador para los hijos de antiguos alumnos, en particular, de las madres solteras para mantenerlos alejados de las pandillas, también apoyan a permanecer en la escuela.

El Salvador's population is approximately 6,600,000. According to police statistics, there are 19 deaths a day for the delinquency and gang activity, and children who leave school are around 3,000 annually either trying to avoid violence or for lack of resources. 

In recent years it is very well known the phenomenon of minors crossing the Mexico / USA border, often without supervision or an adult, in most cases these young people are "running for their life's" in other words they are leaving their countries to escape the violence that is taking the lives of dozens of youths daily in Central America (see related documentary).

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La población en El Salvador es de aproximadamente 6,600,000 . Según las estadísticas de la policia hay 19 muertes diarias por la delicuencia y actividades de pandillas , y los niños que abandonan la escuela son alrededor de 3000 anualmente, ya sea por amenazas de miembros de pandilleros o falta de recursos.

Access to education is a basic human right. It reduces poverty and child labor and offers the tools needed to succeed in life.
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El acceso a la educación es un derecho humano básico. Reduce la pobreza y el trabajo infantil y ofrece las herramientas necesarias para tener éxito en la vida.


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